Advance Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Punjabi Shayari, Punjabi New Year Wishes, Happy New Year Messages 2018 Punjabi

Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Shayari, Wishes, Messages
Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Shayari, Wishes, Messages

Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Shayari, Wishes, Messages for 1st January 2018 happy new year punjabi sms 2018 latest collection free best wishes greeting card India is a country of diversity and almost every state has its own significance, dignity and values. The languages differ from state to state and we are lucky to be Indian as we are here to learn, write different languages but we can use them also in our important days when we celebrates joy and happiness with our beloved ones.

Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Shayari

The Happy New Year 2018 is coming and we all are planning to celebrate this day with new ideas and with new hopes. Here at our website our all the Punjabi people will get the Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Shayari and best wishes messages in their own language.

Punjabi language is a language of love as we all knows our Punjabi friends are famous for friendship and spreading love and joy. The all new Punjabi SMS for Happy New Year 2018 are here at our website and you can get the same for your Punjabi friends and colleque in their own language that too only in Punjabi.

Happy New Year 2018 SMS, Shayari
Jihnu Vekho1 Din2 Din4 Din1
Hafte2 Hafte Pehlan Baazi Maarn
Te Tuleya Hoya Hai.
Aa Lavo!Happy New Year 2018
Vekhi Meri Yaari 100 Din Pehlan Baazi Maari…
Happy New Year 2018

Sare Kam Rabb Di Rza Wich Howan,Sadkaan
Te Mazloom Vichare Bhukhe Na Sowan,
Desh Mere Wich Rahe Aman-Shanti,
Bas Kade Dange Na Howan,
Happy New Year 2018

Saal Nawa Rabb Karke Sab Wich Pyaar Wadha Deve,
Sabda Bhala Howen, asi te yaran de yar hainge
sade yaran nu nava sal Mubarak hove
Happy New Year 2018

assi navi kitaab kholan laggy waan,
jis dy saare safy khaali ne,
fair assi estey navi shuruaat karaan gen
saadi dua j aan wala saal tuhaady liye licky hovey.
Happy New Year 2018

The all the Punjabi Shayari  are new and different and are available for your from our website. You can get the same at just one mouse click after visiting the website the all for you and will be at your finger tips. So hurry be the first to get the all Happy New Year 2018 Punjabi SMS, Shayari and Best wishes messages for your friends, family and beloved one and wish them all a very Happy New Year 2018 which is very near.

Your Punjabi friends will be happy to receive the same in their own language and feel lucky to have a friend like you. Get latest collections of happy new year 2018 Punjabi sms, happy new year punjabi shayari 2018 and share it with your friends and families.