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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Why is Navratri Celebrated - NAVRATRI Festival 2019

September 03, 2019
Why is Navratri Celebrated  - NAVRATRI Festival 2019
Navaratri 2019 in India will begin on
29 September
and ends on
7 October
Dates may vary.

Happy Navratri 2019 

Navratri commemorates the victory of Goddess Durga over a demon, Mahishasur, who had started toturing innocent people. At the call of the gods, Goddess Durga, astride a lion, fought with the demon and cut off his head.

Navratri is a joyous Hindu festival which is celebrated during early fall season - from the first to the ninth date of Ashwin Shukla Paksha of the Hindu calendar (late September / early October). The goddess in the form of the Universal Mother is worshiped for nine nights and hence the name nava-ratri. On the tenth day, the festival comes to an end with a special puja called Vijaya Dasami.

Navaratri festival, which becomes Durga Puja in Bengal and Eastern India towards the latter part, is devoted to Mother Goddess known as Durga; Bhadrakali; Amba or Jagadamba; Annapurna; Sarvamangala; Bhairavi; Chandika; Lalita; and Bhavani. It marks the universal resurgence of the power of creation over destruction.

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Shakti Rupena Samsthita

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha

Navratri is a major hindu festival celebrated to worship Goddess Durga,the goddess of power and strength.
This festival is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm all over India.
Nav means nine and ratri means nights.
All nine days and nights of Navratri, different avatars of Goddess Durga are worshipped with full faith and devotion.The tenth day is Dussehra or Vijayadashmi.
People pray and recites JAI MATA DI Slogan and visit temple everyday religiously during these nine days.
Though Navratri falls five times a year but the Sharad Navratri(falls in Sep-Oct) and Vasant Navratri(March-April) are the most important.

Days of Navratri:

Navratri Day 1:

On the First Day of Navratri, Shailaputri Avatar of Goddess Durga is worshipped.
Shailaputri Maa is the daughter of Lord Himalaya.She is also known by names of Maa Sati,Parvati,Hemavati.Maa Shailaputri is the form of nature on its own.

Prayer :


On the first day people grow Khetri out of barley seeds in an earthen pot.It is considered the long and green the Khetri is the better life you will have.

Navratri day 2:

On the second day Brahmacharini form of Maa Durga is worshipped.Brahma means to do Tapa(penance) and charya means to engage into something.
Maa Brahmacharini is the devi of Wisdom,Knowledge,Love and Loyalty.
Goddess Brahmacharini grants success and victory to all of her devotees.


Dadhana Kara Padmabhyamakshamala Kamandalu

Devi Prasidatu Mayi Brahmacharinyanuttama

Navratri Day 3:

Third form of Goddess Durga is Chandraghanta Maa also known as Chandika and Rannchandi.
Chandra means Moon and Ghanta means bell.One who has half moon shaped bell.Goddess Chandraghanta destroys all the physical and mental sufferings
and rewards peace,courage and bliss to all of her devotees.


Pindaja Pravararudha Chandakopastrakairyuta

Prasadam Tanute Mahyam Chandraghanteti Vishruta

Navratri Day 4:

Maa Kushmanda is the fourth incarnation of Goddess Durga.
Kushmanda Maa is the creator of Universe.She is radiant and full of energy . Kushmanda blesses health,wealth and sterngth to all her devotees.


Surasampurna Kalasham Rudhiraplutameva Cha

Dadhana Hastapadmabhyam Kushmanda Shubhadastu Me

Navratri Day 5:

Skanda Mata is fifth form of Goddess Durga.Skanda is the name of God of war , Kartikeya and Mata means mother.
Skanda Mata bestows power,prosperity and wealth to its devotees and keeps them away from all the sinful activities.


Simhasanagata Nityam Padmanchita Karadvaya
Shubhadastu Sada Devi Skandamata Yashasvini

Navratri Day 6:

Goddess Katyayani is the sixth form of NavDurga.She is a warrior Goddess also known by the name of Bhadrakali and Chandika.She is very popular among female devotees.
Goddess Katyayani instills inner strength , knowledge and power to its devotees.


Chandrahasojjvalakara Shardulavaravahana

Katyayani Shubham Dadyad Devi Danavaghatini

Navratri Day 7:

Goddess Kaalratri is the seventh form of NavDurga.This Avatar of Goddess Durga is in its most fiercest form .It is beleived that Maa Kaalratri destroys all the
bad spirits ,Evil power and demons.


Ekaveni Japakarnapura Nagna Kharasthita
Lamboshthi Karnikakarni Tailabhyakta Sharirini
Vamapadollasalloha Latakantakabhushana।

Vardhana Murdhadhwaja Krishna Kalaratrirbhayankari

Navratri Day 8:

Maha Gauri is the eighth incarnation of Goddess Durga. As the name suggest Maa Gauri has a fair complextion . She is also known by the name of Shwetambaradhara.
It is beleived that Mahagauri fulfills all the wishes of her devotees.
Mahagauri destroys all the sufferings and bless the devotess with a peaceful and happy life.


Shwete Vrishesamarudha Shwetambaradhara Shuchih

Mahagauri Shubham Dadyanmahadeva Pramodada

Navratri Day 9:

Goddess Siddhidatri is the ninth form of NavDurga. Maa Siddhidatri possess all type of Siddhis(supernatural power) .
Since Goddess Siddhidatri possess great powers and siddhis she is also worshipped by Gods,Gandharva,Asurs and Yaksha.It also provides direction and energy to
Planet Ketu.


Siddha Gandharva Yakshadyairasurairamarairapi
Sevyamana Sada Bhuyat Siddhida Siddhidayini

During Navratri devotees observe fasts and pray with full faith and devotion. Some fast for all nine days and some fast on 1st and 8th Day or 9th Day.
On 8th Day , also called Ashtami ,devotees break their fast after performing Kanjak Pooja.
Ashtami is a ritual on which nine girls, also called Kanjaks, are invited to the house. The devotee first washes their feet and feed them with delicacies like
Halwa,poori,chana and kheer.

After the feeding is done some form of gift and money is presented to the Kanjaks and then their blessings are taken and the fast is broken.
Ninth day is called Navmi. Some Devotees break their fast and perform Kanjak Pooja on Navami instead of Ashtami.
During Navratri Temples are decorated ,Khetri is sown,people engage in Garba,a kind of indian dance .

Special type of foods are made during fasting.Generally people avoid eating Tamsik food like onions and garlic.Not all types of food can be eaten in Navratri.

Here is a list of foods :

Grains:Grains itself or Flour made form Kuttu(buckwheat),Rajgira(amaranth),Singhara (Water Chestnut).

Milk and Milk Products: All type os Milk and Milk products can be eaten like Curd,Khoya,paneer,ghee.

Fruits: All types of fresh or dried fruits can be eaten.

Vegetables:Potatoes,Sweet potatoes,Colacasia(arbi), Yam,Kachaloo.

Spices: Rock Salt(Sendha Namak) , Black Pepper, Cardamom , Ajwain , Dried pomengrate seeds.

Other stuff like Peanut,Sabudana,Makhana,Coconut are also allowed.

Onion,Garlic,egg,non-veg, alchohl should not be consumed on this pious occassion.

Telling about the formation of DIWALI STORY

September 03, 2019
Telling about the formation of DIWALI STORY

There are lot of stories telling about the formation of Diwali. Below are some of them.

1. Return of Rama:-

The most famous legend behind the celebrations of diwali is about Return of Lord Sri Rama (Prince of Ayodya) to Ayodhya after Winning war with Ravana. Sri Ramachandra was staying in jungle for 14 years to full fill the promise his father has given to one of his wife. At that time The Devil king Ravana has kidnapped the Devi sita the wife of Rama. So Sri ramachandra conducted the war with help of monkey soldiers and won the war. He returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshmana after fourteen years. To Celebrate the joy of this occasion people of Ayodhya decorated their home with lamps to show the love and affection to their Price. So that day is celebrated as Diwali from there.

2. Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi :-

People believe that Goddess Lakshmi (of wealth and prosperity), was incarnated On the auspicious new moon day, which is 'Amavasya' of the Hindi month of Kartik the. She appeared from the sea during the churning of the ocean, which is known as 'Samudra Manthan', by the demons on one side and 'Devataas' on the other side. Samudra manthan was done in order to extract 'amruth' which will help you to live for ever. People worship of Goddess Lakshmi, the Lakshmi Pujan, on the day of Diwali became a tradition.

3. Lord Krishna Destroyed Narakasura:-

Another story behind the celebrations of Diwali is about killing Narakasur the demon king ruler of Pragjyotishpur, in South of Nepal. He had a war with lord Indra the king of Heaven and defeated Lord indra. He snatched the Magnificent earrings of Indras mother aditi. Narakasura also imprisoned daughters of gods and saints. Lord indra was a relative of satybabhama (wife of lord Krishna). Lord Krishna defeated narakasura and released all women from his custody. People celebrated this occasion with decorating their house with Lamps placed all over.

4. Return of Pandavas:-

Kauravas cheated Pandavas on the game of dice and won. As a result pandavas had to go to forest for thirteen years and should abscond for one year. If Kauravas was able to identify them in absconding period they have to repeat another 3 years in Juncle. After succesfully completing this Pandavas returned to their country. People all over their Kingdom celebrated this occasion with lamps placed all over the house

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Raksha Bandhan 2019 रक्षाबंधन: जानिए राखी बांधने का सही मुहूर्त और समय

July 31, 2019
Raksha Bandhan 2019 रक्षाबंधन: जानिए राखी बांधने का सही मुहूर्त और समय
कब है रक्षाबंधन 2019, तिथि और राखी बांधने का शुभ मुहूर्त 

राखी का त्‍योहार इस बार 15 अगस्‍त, यानी स्वतंत्रता दिवस के दिन होगा. इस दिन गुरुवार पड़ रहा है. अक्सर रक्षा बंधन के दिन बहनें यह देखती हैं कि राखी बांधने का शुभ मुहूर्त क्या है? तो आपको बता दें कि इस साल रक्षा बंधन पर राखी बांधने मुहूर्त काफी लंबा है. रक्षा बंधन 2019 के दिन बहने अपने भाई को सुबह 05:49 से शाम के 6:01 बजे तक राखी बांध सकती हैं. चलिए हिंदू पंचांग के अनुसार देखते हैं रक्षाबंधन के शुभ मुहूर्त- 

2019 में रक्षाबंधन कब है: 15 अगस्त, गुरुवार. रक्षाबंधन के शुभ मुहूर्त

रक्षा बंधन के दिन राखी बांधने का मुहूर्त - सुबह 05:49 से शाम 6:01
इस साल रक्षाबंधन पर्व पर 15 अगस्त को मनाया जायेगा, सावन मास के अंतिम दिन मनाये जाने वाले इस पावन त्यौहार है। प्रथा के अनुसार इस अवसर पर बहनें अपने भाई की दाहिनी कलाई पर रक्षा सूत्र बांधती हैं और भाई बदले में उसकी जीवन भर रक्षा करने का वचन देता है । रक्षाबन्धन  में  राखी और रक्षासूत्र का सबसे अधिक महत्व है।इस दिन प्रात: स्नानादि से निवृत्त होकर लड़कियां और महिलाएं पूजा की थाली सजाती हैं।

थाली में राखी के साथ रोली या हल्दी, चावल, दीपक और मिठाई होते हैं। लड़के और पुरुष स्नानादि कर पूजा या किसी उपयुक्त स्थान पर बैठते हैं। उन्हें रोली या हल्दी से टीका कर चावल को टीके पर लगाया जाता है और सिर पर छिड़का जाता है, उनकी आरती उतारी जाती है और तब दाहिनी कलाई पर राखी बांधी जाती है। भाई बदले में उसकी जीवन भर रक्षा करने का वचन देता है । रक्षाबंधन का अनुष्ठान पूरा होने के बाद ही भोजन किया जाता है। 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Songs Download Free

July 28, 2019
Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Songs Download Free
रक्षाबंधन की इस पावन अवसर पर आज हम आपको बताने जा रहे हैं उन गानो के बारे में जो आज भी हमारे बीच में लोकप्रिय है | रक्षाबंधन के पावन अवसर पर हमेशा इन गानों को सुना जाता है |इन गानों को सुनकर हमें रक्षा बंधन के अनमोल रिश्ते और राखी का मतलब समझ में आता है | बॉलीवुड के चंद पॉपुलर गाने हैं जो रक्षाबंधन पर गाए गए हैं| रक्षाबंधन पर्व के बारे में हमें बहुत कुछ कह जाते हैं | किस तरह एक बहन अपने भाई को राखी बांधते हुए उसे भावनाएं व्यक्त करती है अपने शब्दों को गीत के माध्यम से अपने भैया के सामने प्रस्तुत कर रही है| 

रक्षाबंधन की पावन त्योहार पर जो हम यह गाने सुनते हैं| तो हमारा मन भी इन गानों को गुनगुनाने लगता है| यह गाने आज हम सभी के बीच लोकप्रिय हैं इसे हर कोई सुनता है | अपने परिवार वालों के साथ सुनता इन गानों को रक्षाबंधन के अवसर पर सुनता है| इन गानों को सुनने पर आपको समझ में आएगा किस तरीके से एक भाई बहन के बीच जो प्रेम होता है इन गानों के माध्यम से बताया गया है हमारी वेबसाइट से आप रक्षाबंधन के गाने डाउनलोड कर सकते है | राखी स्पेशल MP3 गाने और वीडियो फॉर्मेट में आप यहां से डाउनलोड कर सकते है आप का हमारे इस लेख को पढ़ने के लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद.

1 . Behna Ne Bhai ki-Raksha Bandhan song

This song is from the movie 'Resham ki Dor' directed by Atma Ram in 1974 and picturised on Dharmendra. The music was by Shankarsinh Raghuwanshi & Jaikishan Dayabhai Pankal. This song has come to epitomise the festival of Raksha Bandhan-the bond of brotherly love between a brother and his sister.

2 . Bhaiya Mere Rakhi Ke - Balraj Sahani & Nanda - Chhoti Behan - Raksha Bandhan Special Song

3 . Behena ne bhai ki kalai se pyar bandha hai

4 .Mere Bhaiyaa Mere Chanda - Kaajal Movie - Asha Bhosle


Yeh Rakhi Bandhan Hai Aisa - Manoj Kumar - 5 . 5 5. Nazima - Beimaan - Bollywood Songs - Lata - Mukesh

Friday, July 5, 2019

रक्षा बंधन (राखी) 2019 कब है?

July 05, 2019
रक्षा बंधन (राखी) 2019 कब है?
Happy Raskha Bandhan 2019

रक्षा बंधन (या रक्षा बंधन) एक हिंदू त्योहार है जो श्रावण (श्रावण पूर्णिमा), या जुलाई और अगस्त की पूर्णिमा पर, भाइयों और बहनों और परिवारों के बीच संबंधों को मनाता है। इस दिन को भाई और बहन दिवस भी कहा जाता है।

क्या रक्षा बंधन (राखी) एक सार्वजनिक अवकाश है?

रक्षा बंधन (राखी) एक वैकल्पिक अवकाश है। भारत में रोजगार और अवकाश कानून कर्मचारियों को वैकल्पिक छुट्टियों की सूची से सीमित संख्या में छुट्टियां चुनने की अनुमति देते हैं। कुछ कर्मचारी इस दिन को बंद करने का विकल्प चुन सकते हैं, हालांकि, अधिकांश कार्यालय और व्यवसाय खुले रहते हैं।

Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes in 2019: - अगले 15 अगस्त 2019 तक, सभी भारतीय प्यारी बहनें अपने भाई के हाथ में राखी बाँधेंगी। रक्षा बंधन या राखी बंधन भाई और बहन के रिश्ते को मनाता है। यहां मैं 2019 में कुछ अद्भुत हैप्पी रक्षा बंधन उद्धरण एकत्र करता हूं या भाई के लिए राखी संदेश देता हूं। अब रक्षा बंधन की शुभकामना देने के लिए एसएमएस या व्हाट्सएप के माध्यम से अपने भाई को कॉपी करें और भेजें।

Click here Read More About :- 

Happy Rakhi SMS for Brothers – Raksha Bandhan 2018 SMS

रक्षाबंधन क्यों मनाया जाता है

रक्षा बंधन भाइयों और बहनों के बीच बंधन का जश्न मनाता है। जैसा कि भाई-बहनों के बीच प्यार और कर्तव्य की अवधारणा सार्वभौमिक है, यह त्योहार भारत में कई संस्कृतियों के साथ लोकप्रिय है और अपने हिंदू मूल को स्थानांतरित करता है।

अपने रिश्ते को चिह्नित करने के लिए, रक्षा बंधन की सुबह, बहन और भाई अपने परिवार के साथ इकट्ठा होंगे। अक्सर दीपक के सामने, बहन अपने भाई की दाहिनी कलाई पर राखी (धागा) बांधती है। यह उनके भावनात्मक बंधन का प्रतीक है और अपनी बहन की रक्षा के लिए भाई की प्रतिज्ञा को नवीनीकृत करता है।

राखी का उपयोग दोस्तों और पड़ोसियों के बीच अन्य संबंधों को मनाने के लिए भी किया जा सकता है। ऐसा कहा जाता है कि लड़की को राखी देना एक विपरीत लिंग के किसी व्यक्ति के लिए एक विनम्र तरीका है जो मित्र-क्षेत्र में अवांछित रोमांटिक प्रगति कर रहा है।

राखी अक्सर रेशम से सोने और चांदी के धागों से बनाई जाती है और इसे सेक्विन, और अर्द्ध कीमती पत्थरों से सजाया जा सकता है।

भारतीय इतिहास में, राखी का उपयोग राज्यों को मजबूत करने और गठबंधन बनाने के लिए किया गया है। राखीस से जुड़ी सबसे पुरानी कहानियों में से एक है जब सिकंदर महान 32 वीं ईसा पूर्व में भारत उपमहाद्वीप पर अपने आक्रमण का कार्य कर रहा था। शक्तिशाली राजा पोरस का सामना करते हुए, यह कहा जाता है कि सिकंदर की पत्नी ने पोरस से संपर्क किया था और अपने पति की सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करने के लिए उसके हाथ पर राखी बाँधी थी।

Monday, May 6, 2019

Top ३० Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes

May 06, 2019
Top ३० Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes
First of all, we wish you a Happy Fathers Day 2019. Father's Day is celebrated in a variety of ways and an excellent way to add to the celebration just sends a beautiful fathers day quote to him. A man goes through many phases in his life from being a kid himself to being a son, a friend, a boss, a husband, etc., but he feels completed only when he attains the fatherhood, he feels contented being a father, seeing the baby's face, he forgets all his worries and stress in his life. A wife can satisfy her man by all the ways but the eternal happiness comes only through a child. A woman expects protection to her and her children from her husband. She expects his participation from the time she carries his baby in her womb till the time the child is capable of leading a life on his own. A great father is always a great husband but a great husband does not necessarily prove to be a great dad. That is why people say that being a biological father is a simple part compared to proving to be a father i.e., a "DAD". A father supports his family and children not only financially but even emotionally. Hare we are going to provide Father's Day Songs, Father's Day Quotes, Father's Day Musics Videos And Songs, Father's day Gift Collections, Father's Day Message and final words.
Top 30 Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes
Read these Fathers Day Quotes for an insight into the lives of fathers at various stages of fatherhood. You will acknowledge and appreciate the ups and downs of a father's life with these words of wisdom on fathers and fatherhood. 

When you read these motivational quotes on Fathers Day notice how the life of the father can be both beautiful, interesting and at the same time be extremely challenging and arduous. Quote, these Fathers Day one-liners in the Fathers Day Card you made for Papa and express your gratitude for all the pains he took to bring you up. 

Tell father how much he deserves to be appreciated and applauded for being the most beautiful person in your life. There is an Indian saying "maata, pita, guru, prabhu", which means the first position in a man's life goes to his MOTHER- "MAATA" (in Sanskrit), as she is the one who gave birth to us and introduced us to this world and then FATHER - "PITA" (in Sanskrit), a person who has an equal share in getting us to this world and helping us to grow by supporting us at all the stages in life.

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”
― Antoine François Prévost, Manon Lescaut

“A daddy is someone who wants to catch you before you fall, but instead, picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.”

One of the greatest gifts my father gave me – unintentionally – was witnessing the courage with which he bore adversity. We had a bit of a rollercoaster life with some really challenging financial periods. He was always unshaken, completely tranquil, the same ebullient, laughing, jovial man. – Ben Okri

A child looks up at the stars and wonders. Great fathers put a child on his shoulders and helps them to grab a star.

There are so many things left to say. But I guess some things are better left unsaid. No matter what you say, I will always be your daddy’s lil girl. And you will always be my hero… <|3

When Charles first saw our child Mary, he said all the proper things for a new father. He looked upon the poor little red thing and blurted, “She’s more beautiful than the Brooklyn Bridge.”

By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong. ” -Charles Wadsworth

Henry James once defined life as that predicament which precedes death, and certainly nobody owes you a debt of honor or gratitude for getting him into that predicament. But a child does owe his father a debt, if Dad, having gotten him into this peck of trouble, takes off his coat and buckles down to the job of showing his son how best to crash through it.

I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance. – Ruth E. Renkel

“Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.”  – Bill Cosby

“A father has to be a provider, a teacher, a role model, but most importantly, a distant authority figure who can never be pleased. Otherwise, how will children ever understand the concept of God?”― Stephen Colbert

A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“One night a father overheard his son pray: Dear God, make me the kind of man my Daddy is.  Later that night, the father prayed, Dear God, make me the kind of man my son wants me to be.”
“I think once I fail enough as a dad, I’ll be looking for help wherever I can get it. I just need enough time to screw things up and then I’ll start looking to TV dads for advice.” - Ty Burrell
He who is taught to live upon little owes more to his father's wisdom than he who has a great deal left him does to his father's care.
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{HD*} Happy Fathers Day Images 2019

May 06, 2019
{HD*} Happy Fathers Day Images 2019
Happy Fathers Day Images 2019 : Today we are delighted to share Happy Fathers Day Images 2019 with our valuable readers. Take a look at our top Fathers Day 2019, Fathers Day Images, Fathers Day Photos, Fathers Day Pics, Fathers Day Pictures, Fathers Day HD Images. Father's Day is not as respected and popularly observed as Mother's Day. There is a simple reason for this. Although almost everyone has severe issues with their mothers, there is no doubt as to their mother's love. The same is not true for fathers. Because men have a more difficult time expressing their feelings to their children, many children go through life with the mistaken notion that their parents don't love them. This is a tragedy because fathers love their children dearly and often work long hours so that they can raise their children in comfort.

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Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

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Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy Fathers Day Images

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