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Once upon a time there was a bachelorette party with lots of lucky shards.
Some were glued to the thank you cards to bring happiness back.
Many were disposed of
and a box full of shards was saved
with the aim of making something nice and useful with it at some point.
And that has now been implemented.
I convinced my family with this plan (above).
The originally luminous ball with the house number plotted on it looked pretty old and a new solution had to be found.
I've had the idea for the mosaic for a long time and now it's time to implement it.
First I laid, changed, looked critically...

and in the end this idea came out of it. (below)

Luckily we still had mortar and grout and so I was able to attach the shards and glass nuggets with help
(cleaning the L-stone and gluing the mosaic) and


 I am happy.

There are still shards left over.
Let's see what I make of it.

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