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Happy Raksha Bandhan status, shayari, wishes sms, Quotes in English 

English Wishes Text with cartoon Brother & Sister

 Sandalwood thread silk thread,  Rainy season  Brother's love  Congratulations you the festival of "defense-bondage" ...🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 If lovers are like moon and Brothers are like stars than i have noticed that the sky looks good without moon but not without stars🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 "In the rainy season, the rainy season was reduced to a gift of happiness,Always be happy, sister and brother of brother adorned with the hands of sister who came to tie rakhi.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 I Long For This Day Through The Year, That You Ceremoniously Tie Rakhi On My Wrist And Pray For My Well Being. Sis, I Wish That Our Bond Grows Strong Everyday🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 "There is a hard thread made of raw thread, Rakhi is a race of love and sweet mischiefs,Rakhi is brother's long life blessings, Rakhi is the holy smoke of sister's love.Happy Rakhi. "🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Hey Sis, When The World Goes Dark, When The Journey Breaks Up, When The World Is Vanished And You Feel Left Alone. I will Be There By Your Side
🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Happy Rakhi Facebook status in English 

 "The festival of festivals, the festival of Rakhi, which reflects,Brotherly sisterly love, Happy Raksha Bandhan festivalWish you a very happy Raksha Bandhan. "🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 God sent in my life a beautiful Angel in your guise, Sister. In good times or bad ones, you’re ready to extend your help and support. Thanks for all you do.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 "There has come, a festival in which brother and sister loveBeloved of the world, let my love be celebrated, let us celebrate this Rakhi festival of happiness. "🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Dear brother no matter where you are! I want you to know you’re special to us and will always be in our thoughts.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 A festival of celebration has come,Which is the love of the siblings,Let's celebrate this festival of protection!Happy Raksha Bandhan !!🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Happy Raksha Bandhan whatsapp status shayari messages in English 

 Brothers are like street lights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Relationships of Brother Sister,Sometimes sour and sometimes sweet,Never celebrating ritana,Never fight ever,Ever cry and laugh ever,This is the relationship of love,Most different most unique🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Relationship is ours of births, full of trust and love,Come on brother, tie it in the unbreakable binding of Rakhi…🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 My cute angel from today’s onwards I promise you I’ll never scold you when you’ll tear my books, messed up my clothes. You are really a ray of happiness in my life🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Sometimes fights with us, sometimes fights with us,But without understanding we can understand everythingThe master also holds the sister.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Best Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes in English 

 To outside world we grow old, but not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we were as children. We always believe in the innocent child living in our hearts🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Holi is colorfull, Diwali is lightfullAnd Rakhi is a powerfull relationship.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Having a sister is like you is having a best friend! Here's to making more memories together🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Her husband lost her heart,An arrow missed by nuns,He smiled, came closer, andHe said, "Rakhi Bandhwale Mere Veer"🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 To my childhood bully, my soul sister, my protector and my best friend! What would have I done without you!🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Hearty greetings of Raksha Bandhan status shayari message quotes in English 

  The streets are decorated with flowers,
Girls are laid at every turn
Don't know where you come from
Therefore, Rakhi has been put in the hands of everyone
🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 All of the stars of flowers are said to say. .
There are thousands of my brothers
Love you allot
🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Lucky that sisterOn whose head is the brother's handEvery trouble happens with herFight fight againThat is why this relationship is so much love🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Today is a very special day, I have something to pour  Flow for your love, your brother is always with you.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Red pink color is zooming world,  The sun's radiation out of happiness  Love of loved ones, moonlight,     Congratulations you Rakhi festival..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 It is a festival of Raksha Bandhan, there is a shower of happiness everywhere,  Bandha is brotherly love in a thread ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Sister never asks,  Gold-silver necklace is all he needs,   Brother's love🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Happy Raksha Bandhan wishes sms for Sister 

 Although everyone's wrist is full in Rakhi, but not having a sister  Ask the pain whose wrist is numb on the day of Rakhi ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 To rejuvenate the relationship between the brothers and sisters  The full moon has come with the moon,   Rakhi brother's commitment and sister's affection,   Have brought caress with me ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Sometimes fights with us, sometimes fights with us,  But without saying all our things  The sister of understanding also has a sister ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 If turmeric is sandalwood, Rakhi is a bond of relationships,  Welcome to the festival of Rakhi ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Grew up together and grew up, got lots of love in childhood,  To increase the love of siblings, came the festival of Rakhi ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Remember that our childhood,
They fight and coax it,
This is the love of the siblings,
And to increase this love,
Rakshabandhan festival is coming ..
🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Happy Raksha Bandhan wishing messages for brother in English 

 Sandalwood thread, silk thread,  Rainy season  Brother's love  Congratulations to you the festival of "defense-bondage" ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 We prayed for forgiveness,  Give me a lovely sister who is different,  That god gave us a lovely sister  And said - handle it… it is priceless… Most…🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Those childhood pranks,  She scolds the mother playing on those swings  That father's lad  But the one thing that is special about all of these,  That is my dear sister's love ..🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

 Happy luck,  The sister who has a brother on her head,  Fight fights again celebrate love  That is why this relationship is so much love.🏵🌸🌺Happy Raksha Bandhan🌺🌸🏵

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2022 SMS Messages in Hindi for bhai and behen

 Ristha hai janmo ka Hamaara
Bharose ja aur pyaar bhara
Chalo ise bandhe bhaiya
rakhi ke atut bandhan mein
Happy Raksha Bandhan My Brother

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