Why People Celebrate Shivaratri || What Means of Maha Shivaraatri

Maha Shivaratri:-   "Shiva-ratri means 'auspicious (Shiva) darkness (ratri). At least on this day, one should chant Shiva's name all through the night."   Meaning Of Maha-Shiva-ratri:-  "If you make the slightest effort to progress along the path of liberation, the Lord will help you a hundred-fold. Shivaratri conveys that hope to you. The moon, which is the presiding deity of the mind of man, wanes until the fourteenth day after full moon. It is just a tiny curve of glimmering glow. 

The mind should be starved into the condition, so that man becomes free. Spend all the days with Shiva, and the conquest of the mind is easy. Spend the fourteenth day of the waning moon with Shiva, reaching the climax of the spiritual effort on the final day, and success is yours. That is why all Chaturdashis of the dark haif of every month are called Shivaratris, that is why the Chaturdashi of the Magha month is called Mahashivaratri. That is a day of special dedication to Shiva."    Maha Shivaratri falls on the 13th day of Krishana Paksha of Maagha Maasa (February-March). It is a night of fasting and prayer in honour of Lord Shiva in His aspect of destroying sins and bad things. The night is called Shivamaya, i.e. a night to spend with thoughts of Lord Shiva. As the Lord of the universe He is full of compassion and only punishes out of Love and for the good of mankind. It is on this great night that Lord Shiva redeems the world. He swallows poisons and sins to save His devotees. During this holy night the devotees of Lord Shiva fast, meditate, pray and sing the glory of the Saviour. Whatever is offered to Lord Shiva with devotion is pleasing to Him. On this night He showers blessings abudantly.  

The Symbol of Lord Shiva, is the Shiva Lingam, it is a form to represent the formless and it is worshiped with great splendour during Maha Shivaratri. This Lingam is the symbol of the one who is All - Pure, All -Perfect, All - Bliss; Lord Shiva. When contemplated with adoration it becomes a mirror of the soul. It becomes a cosmic window that opens to allow the devotees to touch the All - Pure One.  Hindu temples across the country are decorated with lights and colorful decorations and people can be seen offering night long prayers to Shiva Lingam. Woodapple leaves, cold water and milk are offered to the Shiva Lingam on this day as they are believed to be Lord Shiva’s favorite.

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