Who is Shiva?


being of enormous proportions and phenomenal capabilities

Arrived in the upper region of the himalayas many thousands of years ago

This being who came to be known as the adiyogi or the first yogi?

Transmitted the science of Evolving human consciousness

Willfully to the subtly she's the celebrated seven sages of seemingly celestial origin

These seven sages

Infused with the sacred knowing of Eastern mysticism that predates all religions

Carried it around the globe and to this day it continues to live and flourish in

various manifestations and distortions

the spine of knowledge that the  adiyogi created remains a living force for enlightenment after

thousands of Years .This timeless knowing still permeates

Almost everything that can be called spiritual on this planet


Close to two billion people worldwide are actively drawing from this spine of knowledge

under different names different forms and different manifestations in

every part of the world

Remnants of the ancient Yogic wisdom are still practiced in its multifarious forms

Irrespective of cultural or religious background this is fundamental possibility

Has evolved from this one idea

That he put in those seven people's minds

He made them

thirst for something Beyond the limitations of the existence

He put this hunger into their stomach

He put this hunger into their hearts that


Want to be something?


Than what we normally know as a human being

Every creature has come with a framework

In hand can do certain things .I am sure there are some champion hands which can do little more

but within that framework a

Tiger can do something, but within that framework an elephant can do something, but within that framework a

human being can do something within that framework a

certain dimension of


He put this idea that you don't have to limit yourself to your dimension

You can transcend this

There is another way to be a completely different way to be

this idea

He not only gave the idea and the part

He also Gave a method

To go there

It is that this one idea that the human being can strive to evOlve Beyond

the dimension of his present existence

Which is the basis of this whole civilization and culture?

It does not matter whether somebody calls himself a hindu or a buddhist or a jain or a sikh or whatever

All of them are striving for this one idea that

They want across these limitations and attain to liberation

The idea of Mukti the whole Culture is the Centerpiece is Mukti [Blissey]

Everything that we are doing here in this culture is essentially towards that that

There is [a] possibility of transcending all limitations and getting there

There has never been a more revolutionary idea on this planet

Since this time nobody has come up with a more revolutionary idea than this

That you can transcend the very limited the very dimension in which you exist
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