RAKHI MAKING Easy to make at home | 6 types of rakhi under 10 Rs. #DIY 2022

Mom..What are you doing? I will make Rakhi for my brothers & teach my friends too I have brother..I will make too do you want to learn? come Hi friends.. today I will make rakhi for aayu if you also want to make rakhi for your brothers.. then please like this video brothers who are watching this video please share to your sisters so that she can make beautiful rakhis for you and also click the subscribe button okay..lets start now first..we will make rakhi for Aayu for this we need foam sheet 2 glitter sheets and 1 plain sheet in this colour or marker scissor Velcro To attach rakhi and fabric glue we are making alphabetic rakhi for this, first we will write the name " AAYU" we are writing this name in 3D So that we can cut it take foam sheet and cut any design so we can stick name on it I am making cloud shape you can cut star or any other shape draw the same shape on glitter sheet too cut all these shapes and alphabetic letters Cut like these now stick them pihu..take this..apply glue and paste them Aayu will be happy after watching this. now I am pasting A letter you can make Rakhi of your brother's name he will like this it is looking so beautiful. now I will make its band I have cut this strip from glitter sheet so that we can tie it you can use thread also now it will become a shining rakhi. let it dry and paste Velcro on both sides 1 Velcro on front side and 1 on back side so that it will lock properly here.. our rakhi is ready now. I have learnt making superman rakhi in same time this one is so easy take foam sheet and cut a circle, diamond shape and letter S paste all them on a band superman rakhi is ready it is very simple. Now mumma 2nd one? To make this we need flowers it is easily available in market or you can make this at home ribbon glue and scissor first we will take ribbon cut ribbons in small pieces and stick them like this apply glue in center and stick both sides of it. it became like a bow similarly we will make 3 bows pihu will you make it ? now stick all bows like a flower see...it is looking like flower stick them with glue pihu give me a yellow flower and yes.. after applying glue press it for some time so that it fix properly. mom.. I cut it very good see..we will paste a flower on this and here our one more rakhi is ready now after this.. we will paste a ribbon on its back side it finished so quickly this is very simple our rakhi... Rakhi with yellow flower see..we made a beautiful rakhi with ribbon & flower it costs only 10rs. we buy very expensive rakhis from market and here we made this in 10rs. 

This rakhi is very easy to make you are having all this material at your home wool flowers pearls.. from my broken necklace cut 2 small circles of paper paste flowers on it. Mom, but why are we sticking on it ? because it need a base similarly, we will paste all flowers on this. so that it will become a big flower this is how our flower is ready now we will rope pearls in this thread (wool). may I do this ok..do it apply some glue on corner so it becomes hard and it will be easy to rope pearls understood.. oho..it became a new hack yes.. we will learn so many things after roping all pearls, paste flower in middle. rakhi is done. a very beautiful rakhi. after roping all pearls,make a knot at the end.. so that pearls won't come out I pasted some pearls in middle.. so that it looks more beautiful aayu will like this one too. aayu will say " I want to tie all these rakhis" it also costs only 10rs. because I have pearls everyone has wool at home and this flowers costs only 2rs. are you making rakhis this time ?? it is looking so nice. mom..which one will you teach ? again, I will teach how to make rakhi from waste material for this,we need ear buds glue glitter wool and a circle of foam sheet pearls scissor simple mom..ear bud for what?? for ear cleaning?? yes, because you don't clean your ears thats why I will do this here we will make flower from this first, take glue pihu..open this mom.

.it will be dirty yes place a paper here apply glue on ear bud and dip it in glitter so that it will look like a leaf wow, it pasted are you enjoying ? yes mom children enjoy these activities Ready apply glue on all ear buds ,dip them in glitter and make leaves like this but mom this is very large yes, but we will cut only this part. so they look like leaves here it is done pihu..now stick all these in flower shape and paste a pearl in center so that is will look more beautiful I am applying glue here and pihu will stick leaves on this this is looking like flower Hmmm.... this will become a flower Very beautiful Rakhi and only from waste material first time I am watching a rakhi made with ear buds and it is looking beautiful also and we just buy expensive rakhis look here friends flower is ready remember one thing everytime you use glue, wait for some time so that it fix properly Now

... now we will make " Dori " from this thread ( wool ) take wool, fold it, and make a knot at the end " Dori " is ready now paste flower on this Dori it is done I will tie this to vinay bhaiya ( brother ) pihu has made rakhis for all brothers if you liked this video, click the like button this one is also very easy for this you need any net cloth or decorative cloth ribbon scissor stapler and glue A small teddybear, this one I found in old dress of pihu you will also find something like flowers teddies pearls anything like this we can make something from all this first, cut this net cloth in square shape if you don’t have net cloth, you can use any old cloth - Chunni Stalls etc and make a bow like this and staple it form middle here our bow is ready now take ribbon or wool cut according to your size and paste it in middle and we will stick teddybear on it hmmmm look how beautiful it is and it costs nothing I will tie this to my little cousin bother see..

one more rakhi is ready wow..it is looking very nice I have never seen so easy to make rakhi like this yes.. we just take ribbon pasted a bow and a teddy bear on it Beautiful Rakhi with Teddy mom.. please one last rakhi now this one is last This will also look very pretty for this we need thread button lace first we will take lace what will you do from this ? we will make flower from this do you know how to make it ? no? first, make a circle and staple it now make rounds on it, like a flower shape look pihu, a beautiful flower is ready now paste button in center apply glue, paste it and let it dry We have pasted button on flower use thread according to your size paste flower on thread mom..it looks pretty than ready made rakhis look..we made so many rakhis and none of these costs more than 10rs. broken necklace flower ear buds used lace all are waste material friends, you can make rakhis from waste material collect them please like and share with your brother and sister 
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