Wedding Anniversary Status for Wife

Like a flower in the sunlight, your love blossoms beautifully. Happy wishes on your wedding anniversary.<3 blockquote="">
A Rose Speaks Of Love Silent In A Language Known Only To The Heart. Happy Anniversary.<3 blockquote="">
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Say You Want To Keep Me Forever, ” Cause I Know I Do ” ! Happy Anniversary.<3 blockquote="">
As Each Day Passes, My Love For You Grows Irrevocably. I Wish You A Very Happy Anniversary Wishes !<3 blockquote="">
Forever Is A Long Time But I Would Not Mind Spending It By Your Side. Happy Anniversary.<3 blockquote="">
The Day When You Become My Wife Was The Happiest In My Life ! I Love You Sweetheart ! Happy Anniversary !<3 blockquote="">
As Each Day Passes, My Love For You Rows Irrevocably. Wishing You A Very Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes.<3 blockquote="">
Being Married Is Like Being In A Battle Field. You Have To Always Prepare Yourself For The War.<3 blockquote="">
You Both Should Write A Book About Your Marriage. It Should Be Titled, Forever…Happy Anniversary !<3 blockquote="">
A Life With Love Will Have Some Thorns But A Life Without Love Will Have No Roses. Happy Anniversary.<3 blockquote="">
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