Unseen Rare & Original Images of Our Shirdi Sai Baba

Rare images of our Very own Shirdi Sai baba

Before proceeding, I would like to request all the viewers to prostrate in front of the serene and merciful Shirdi saibaba. So beautiful our Deva looks, with his left leg resting above the right leg. And amidst two fingers of our baba's right hand, we get the path of Moksha. The path to free ourselves from all the worries of this world. As the sun sets up to and is seen from between the branches of a tree, our sun and the life giving (Our baba's lotus feet). Let us bow to our Holy deity and proceed.

यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये –

Bhiksha Patra sai baba youngest age sai baba images

Left Image :- Our baba when first seen in Shirdi as a young lad practicing high meditation under the neem tree. In the right snap our baba is holding his "Bhiksha Patra" (The apparatus for collecting alms) in his left hand and Satka in his right hand.
Sai nath Maharaj is sittingDwarkamai Masjid near the Dhuni lit

In this right Image our Sai nath Maharaj is sitting with all his devotees around him. This snap of baba is not too old. One can see how baba used to intermix in his devotees).
(This one on the left, one of the most famous Image of Saibaba one can usually find. Baba is sitting in his favorite place, Dwarkamai Masjid near the Dhuni lit by him.

यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये –

sai baba sitting alone

Sai baba holds in his hand the parrot

(In this left image, Sai baba holds in his hand the parrot, he has given to Chand patil during his meet. The parrot came back to baba after the sad demise of Chand Patil. In the image on right, baba is sitting in Dwarkamai at a comfortable position).

sai baba is sitting in his usual position on a stone

Chabutra while visiting Lendi baug

(In this Image on the left, baba is sitting in his usual position on a stone which was then placed outside the Dwarkamai in the open space. This is the most famous photograph of Baba sai, and the idol of Samadhi Mandir has been made by BV talim with the help of this same photograph.)
(The right side photograph is considered to be clicked in the year between 1898 to 1902, during his visit at Chabutra while visiting Lendi baug.)

With Saibaba Bhaktsreshta (Top most in devotees) Mahalsapati on left and Shama on right

Saibaba had a special affection for kids. A small kid Martand on the lap of Baba sai. With Saibaba Bhaktsreshta (Top most in devotees) Mahalsapati on left and Shama on right.

Saibaba were captured just before his day of SamadhiBaba took MahaSamadhi

These two Images Of Saibaba were captured just before his day of Samadhi. Baba took MahaSamadhi on 15th October 1918, during afternoon.

In the very first image on Left, the baba is sitting in Dwarkamai with all the other devotees around. In the snap below the first one on left side, one cannot see Saibaba. Though baba was there. It's said that when baba wanted to get his photograph clicked, then only did he appear in the photograph, else one could have not captured God in the photographs. The right side image was clicked during one of The Chavadi procession when baba was taken from Dwarkamai to Chavadi with all due formalities.

In the image, Saibaba is the very first (On the left side).
Note : The image is Inverted of the Original Image.

Saibaba while bathing. Though baba always emphasized on more important works like Karma than sleep, eat and bathe. Though this is one of the photograph where baba is washing himself. As the Satcharitra says, baba once lost a battle. At that time he had really long hairs which he got shaved and started wearing kafni and head robe.

In the very first image, baba is holding his mug in which he used to collect the alms. He is at market place in Shirdi and is looking extremely beautiful. In the image below it, baba is feeding a Dog. Once baba was sitting in the Masjidamai. Along with him Radhakrishna Mai (An extreme Sai devotee) and Shama were seated. Baba said to Radhakrishna mai that he's hungry. RadhaKrishna mai rushed to cook baba, roti and Saag. Baba threw it to a dog sitting nearby. Radhakrishna mai complained that she cooked it with so much love and baba threw it to a dog. Then baba smiled and said, dog also has a soul. And, he was hungry. Feeding any hungry living being is equal of feeding baba himself. In the snap on right baba is sitting with garlands around his neck and a Mukut on his head. Shows, how Shirdi people realized the supreme master in our baba.

baba is holding his Satka with a stole on his back and regular dressSupreme he never claimed himself a God

In the image on left and right, we can see our supreme deity. In the first Image baba is holding his Satka with a stole on his back and regular dress. Our Saibaba lived in utmost Simplicity. Being the Supreme he never claimed himself a God. Such is our Baba Sai.