Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Happy

Marriage can be wonderful whereby sharing your everyday life with someone you love is a real special feeling. However, it can also be exhausting and frustrating. Therefore, I like to give you the top 10 tips to keep your marriage happy.

1. Listening

Listening is one of the key elements in managing your marriage well.

If you have to, stop whatever you do and listen when your spouse needs to talk to you.

Since marriage is about sharing your life with your spouse, you need to pay close attention. Not just mean hearing what they say but being able to understand and give appropriate advice or suggestion.

2. Trust

Another key element is trust which is what your marriage is built upon.

If not, why do you both marry in the first place?

Without trust, your marriage will most likely end up in divorce unless you sit down and talk with your spouse to clear any doubts, misunderstandings and ill feelings between you both.

Though you can consult with your family, friends and even marriage counsellors, you still need to sort out with your spouse for your marriage to be happy again.

3. Regular Communication

Without regular communication, your marriage is also doomed to fail.
You may think I am exaggerating by saying this but it is true as statistics have indiciated that most marriages ended in divorces due to lack of communication as the main reason.

Whether you like or not, your spouse should be the one whom you should share your thoughts with, seek opinions from and generally discuss with frequently. Not your friends, family or even marriage counsellors unless things really get out of hand.

After all, marriage is for you and your spouse to share everything with each other since you made a vow to love each other forever.

4. Admit Your Mistake

We all hate to admit our mistakes. It seems humiliating and insulting to our ego and pride.

But in marriage, you just have to put your pride aside and swallow the bitter pill.

Admitting your mistake helps to clear any conflicts rather than keeping quiet and pretending nothing has happened.

After all, is it really difficult to say I Am Sorry?

5.Sharing Dreams 

We all have dreams about the future.

Where we want to live, what will we do and fro.

Instead of keeping your dream to yourself, why not share with your spouse? Unless your dream is of having an affair with someone else, there is really nothing to hide.

Make it a point to share and talk with him or her about what you want now and for many years to come.

6. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

There are times when you see others having a better lifestyle than yours. Such as while you are struggling to support your family, others can give theirs exactly what they want and dream of.

You need to understand no couples are exactly the same. Not just in race and background but in character and personalities.

Instead of admiring others, you should treasure every moment you have with your spouse and even children whether they are good or bad.

If you hate struggling, please let your spouse know so that both of you can sit down and work things out together.

7. Finance And Management Plan

The root cause of marriage breakdown is usually money.

Recurring bills like car installment, credit cards, home maintenance, mortgage payments, utilities can really hurt your bank account if you do not have an alternative income source other than your salary.

The best way to solve this problem is to devise a financial plan and manage it together with your spouse.

In this way, both parties can see when or where the money comes and go out while at the same time they can refrain from overspending and getting themselves into debt.

8. Quality Time

However busy and tired you are due to work, you must still make a real effort to spend some quality time with your partner.

It can be as little as ten minutes but those can make a big difference.

Spending quality time together does not mean just sitting in front of TV together because you and your wife will get distracted by TV programs most of the time.
What it really means is talking to one another, without interruption, or do something constructive together like a walk in the park after dinner or even jogging before dinner.

You will be amazed at the results it brings you and your spouse.

9. Never Stop Dating

Marriages can be dull.

The monotony of daily life can slowly begin to take its toll. Waking up early, go to work, back at home for dinner, watch TV and go to bed before repeating everything again.

One of the best ways to ensure your relationship stays fresh is to keep dating. And when better time than your wedding anniversary, your birthday or your spouse's birthday?

Go to a restaurant for dinner, go to the movies this weekend or holiday or 1-2 weeks of vacation. Remember how great it is when you first start dating?

If so, there is absolutely no reason why you and your partner should not feel the same way as a wife.

10. Sacrifice

When you marry, you do not have to always expect things to be done in your own way.

It is a common mistake of many couples as their property and pride often gets in their way. They do not want to compromise and often result in heated arguments.

You and your husband are the duo and have to stick together through thick or thin.

But it can only be possible if you need to take the initiative to make certain sacrifices without being asked by your partner.

This is never easy to do but is absolutely essential to keep the marriage happy and eternal.
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