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How to Celebrate Happy Holi 2019 { hot ideas }

Happy Holi, Holi 2019 Wallpapers, holi Songs, Holi 2019 SMS, holi 2019 Wishes, holi 2019 greetings.In India people are looking for best holi HD Wallpapers 2019 for Facebook and best Facebook cover photos for Holi 2019.

Hey folks, Happy holi to all of you.As you all know holi images 2019 is blog which is all about holi 2019.You will get holi images,wallpapers,sms,messages,quotes,wishes,shayari etc in both hindi and english.You can share these collection of holi 2019 on facebook as well as on whatsapp.So come to the point,As you are searching for holi celebration ideas.Right? Well don't worry we will guide you about how to celebrate holi 2019.Since holi is festival of color,We have awesome new holi ideas to celebrate this holi 2019 with your friends,relatives and lovers. So keep connected,


Awesome Ideas to celebrate holi 2019 {5+1}

#1. Make white color as a compulsory dress code  in holi 2019 party

       Hehe, Think, when everybody comes in white clothes and when they return to their home after holi celebration, How they will look like ? You will notice absense of white color after holi celebration on their clothes. LOL!So make sure ,the guest coming in your holi 2015 party are in white dress

#2. Organize a DJ for Music party where guest can request for there favourite

Imagine a party without music ? Is it possible ? No it is not possible. There must be a dj music where everyone enjoy their favourite songs loudly nd celebrate holi 2015.So arrange a live music for your holi guest.

#3. Do arrange some different and yummy sweets and Bhang 

As we know holi celebration without colors is not possible! So how it can be possible without sweets and bhang? Do arrange some yummy sweets and chips. and don't forget to arrange Bhang. Think yourself celebrating holi with your friends in a live music environment and drinking bhang. It's awesome.Go for it

#4. Force every guest to wear Rainbow Multi Color holi wig

Hehe,it is funny idea. Yea you should try it.Think all of your guest ofr friends in colorful wig and dancing like a mad. There is also advantage of it.You are trying to save your hair from dangerous holi colors.Its funny and good idea to force every guest to wear a wig.

#5. Make sure you arrange creative pichkaris for cute kids

Holi is not possible with pichkaris. Do arrange some superman pichkaris for kid. Some big pichkaris and some Cartoon pichkaris.There are lots of type pichkaris in market buy them for the kids who are coming to your holi party.


#6. Last one but important,arrange colors that do not harm to skin.Play echo friendly holi

Aha,Well you should buy colors which are echo friendly and which will not harm your skin.Play safe holi,Make sure you are playing for enjoyment not to harm anyone. Happy holi once again

Happy holi sms 2019

So friends,How you find these awesome happy holi 2019 ideas for party? I am sure you like these holi 2019 ideas.You can use them in office holi party also. So arrange a party and apply these holi 2019 ideas. keep connected here and share these with your friends.

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