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Dhanateras Par Na Khareeden Ye Saamaan, Ho Sakata Hai Bhaaree Nukasaan, Yah Khareedadaaree Karane Ka Muhoort Hai

धनतेरस पर ना खरीदें ये सामान, हो सकता है नुकसान, यह है धनतेरस पर खरीददारी करने का मुहूर्त

Diwali Kee Dhool Dhanateras se hee shuroo ho jaata hai aur yah din khareedadaaree karane ke lie saal ka sabase shubh din maan jaata hai. logon ka kahana hai ki is din khareedadaaree karane ka bhee shubh muhoort hota hai. kaha jaata hai ki shubh muhoort kerds kisee any samay par khareedadaaree karane ka sahee laabh nahin mila saath hee yah bhee hai ki kya khareedana chel aur kya khareed se bachana chahie.

Dhanateras ke Avasaron par sone-chaandee ke gahane aur bartan aadi khareed kee samasya hai. sone-chaandee ko sthir lakshmee kaha gaya hai. dhanateras par khareedadaaree karane ka sabase sahee samay ya muhoort shaam 4 se 7.21 baje tak hai. jabaki shaam 3 baje se 4.30 ke beech ka samay khareedadaaree ke lie abaut kiya gaya hai. kuchh vidvaanon ka maanana ​​hai saara din hee mangalasoochak hota hai, kabhee bhee khareedaaree kee ja rahee hai.

धनतेरस पर इन वस्तुओं को खरीदने से बचें-

Beshak Dhanateras ko khareedaaree karane ke lie shubh maanate hain isake baavajood kuchh cheejen hain is din na khareed to behatar hai. jaise kaale rang kee cheej khareed se is din parahej karen to behatar hoga.

Is Din Kaanch kee koee vastu nahin khareedana chaahie. kaha jaata hai ki dharmagranthon mein kaanch ko raahu se joda gaya hai aur raahu anasakar grah hai. kaanch ke saath hee elyoominiyam ko bhee raahu kee dhaatu ko joda gaya hai. isalie dhanateras par elyoominiyam ka bartan bhee na khareed. isase bhee jeevan mein nakaaraatmakata aatee hai.

Is Din teekhee aur nukeelee cheej nahin khareedana chaahie. chaakoo aur lohe se banee objekts ghar laana ababh hai. saath hee is din joota, chappal bhee na khareed.

धनतेरस खरीदें ये सामान - 

Dhanateras ke Din Dhan Kee devee lakshmee kee pooja-aaraadhana hota hai. is din devee ko prasann karane ke lie nae kapadon aur gahanon kee khareedaaree karana ati uttaraadhikaaree maana jaata hai. kuchh jagahon par saat anaaj se devee kee pooja hotee hai, isalie is din gehoon, chana, jau, udad, moong, masoor jaise anaaj bhee khareedana shubh hota hai. deevaalee ke din pooja ke lie rakhe jaane vaale ganesh lakshmee kee moortidaar bhee din khareed ho sakata hai.

is din chaandee, sona aur heera khareedana bahut shubh hai. sona khareedana chaahate hain ki sone ke bilkit le lo. chaandee ka sikka khareed se vaibhav aata hai. steel ke bartan khareeden aur ghar laate samay dhyaan rakhen ki inhen poorvee disha mein hee rahen. dhanateras par log jhaadoo bhee khareedate hain. maan jaata hai ki yah jhaadoo ghar se daridrata ko door kar deta hai.

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