Latest Sai Baba Images 2020

Latest Sai Baba Images 2020
Latest Sai Baba Images 2020

Happy Friendship Day SMS Messages Wishes Quotes for Lovers GF/BF 2018

We all know Friendship Day is coming soon. ‘Friendship’ is the most beautiful and precious relation that fills the colors in the Life right from the childhood to old age. Most of them irrespective of their age groups enjoy spending their time and share feelings with their best Friends. Lover or Life partner is the one who lives with you forever. It is very important to have a friendly between the Life partners. Here in this article we have collected the best Friendship Day Messages SMS and Quotes for Girlfriends, boyfriends, Lovers, Husband, Wife and also for the best Friends. You can send this beautiful Friendship Day Messages, Quotes to your loved ones on this auspicious Day.

Friendship Day SMS Messages for Lovers:

Friendship Day SMS Messages for Lovers:

The best rule of friendship is to keep your heart a little softer than your head.
Happy Friendship Day 2018
Best Relationship is
When You Can Act Like Lovers
And Best Friends At The Same Time.
Happy Friendship 
My Friendship means a little heart that never hates, 
a cute smile that never fades, 
a smooth touch that never shakes 
and a strong relationship that never breaks.
Friendship Day 2018
Good friendship is like a diamond and
someone you can share everything with _ _ _ [your CRUSH Name]
My life can be measured by the number of true friends I've made, 
it is their love that matters the most in the end.
Happy Friendship Day :)
A hug is worth a thousand words. 
A friend is worth more.
Happy Friendship Day 2018
When heart beats it says 'lub-dub'.
Do U know whats it means?
LUB says 'Live Ur life Best'
DUB says 'Do Ur Best in life'
Enjoy every heartbeat.
"Happy Friendship Day."
A Cute Thought Of friendship…
It’s Not Necessary to Share Every Secret 
between True Friend. 
But The Thing is whatever You share should be True..:-)
Happy Friendship Day!
My friend shud be My medicine when i am in pain, 
My letter when i am far, My smile when i am sad, 
My hanky wen i cry, And my life when i die. 
Happy Friendship Day !
Life Is A Beautiful Thing,
A Lovely Life Is Even More Beautiful.
But, To Make It Perfect,
One Must Have A True Loving Friend Like You,
One Who Loves Them Even More Than A Lover.
Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. 
My riches do not lie in material wealth, b
ut in having friend like you 
– a precious gift from God. - 
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