Celebrate Friendship Day SMS 40+ Best Happy Friendship Day 2018 Messages

2018 Friendship Day SMS  40+ Best Happy Friendship Day 2018  Messages
Today we listed some of best friendship day sms and text messages for your best friend. we provide 40+ best happy friendship day 2018 sms, text messages and quotes here.A day to celebrate friendship is getting nearer! Very soon you will be looking for some beautiful and touching words to wish your friends a very Happy Friendship Day.
This post is dedicated to give you collections of Friendship Day SMS you can send to your friends and colleagues via mobile SMS or social media like Whatsapp or Facebook. The friendship day is celebrated with great fervour by teenagers and youngsters by exchanging friendship bands and friendship day greeting cards. 

Top 10 Friendship Day SMS & Quotes 2018

With extensive use of phones and social media, it is natural to communicate with all our dear friends with SMS, images and beautiful words honouring friendship in its true spirit. Let your cell phones, tablets and laptops carry these beautiful Friendship Day Greetings to all your friends.

Top 10 Friendship Day SMS & Quotes

As you will be celebrating Friendship Day on the first Sunday of the August month, get ready to wish your friends with some great words appreciating their friendship. Here is a beautiful compilation of some touchingFriendship Day SMS and Quotes you can use to wish your dear friends and celebrate the day.
Friends are like lamp posts in our life,
they may not walk along
but light up our path during dark hours.
Happy Friendship Day!
A true friend will take 99 steps
towards you after you take 1 step towards him
Celebrate Friendship & Friendship Day!
Happy World Friendship Day to you all!
Friends are not those with whom you
chat over Whatsapp and Facebook.
Friends are those who just read your face
& ask you, “Tell me, Whats Up.?”
Happy Friendship Day to my Dearest Friend!
I am busy today too,
Hours are less & seconds are few,
But its a special day to remember
a true friend like you!
Happy Friendship Day!

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Friends are those Angels
specially created by God
to be with us when the
whole world is against us.
Thanks for being my friend!
Happy Friendship Day!

The friendship band may remain or not
this rose may survive or not
but the special bond we share
will never lose its strength & fragrance.
Happy Friendship Day!

A friend will see tears through your eyes
when you are smiling to the whole world
to hide your grief!
Wish you a great Happy Friendship Day Wishes!
A friend is someone who listens to the song
in your heart,
and sing it back to you when you
forget the words.
Happy Friendship Day!

A friend is not who always do what you say,
A friend is the one who holds your hand &
bring you out of all mess you have not even seen.
Lots of love and blessings on Friendship Day!
Though time has drawn us apart,
with this friendship band &
beautiful rose,
I send my love and care for you.
Happy Friendship Day!

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Lovely Happy Friendship Day Wishes & Messages

The Friendship Day is celebrated across the world on different days. But most of the countries celebrate it on the first Sunday of the month of August. The day is celebrated by exchanging roses, gifts, colourful friendship bands, greetings cards and messages. All the youngsters will be surely wanting some beautiful quotes on friendship to make their friends smile on this special day. Let your friends realize how much they mean to you. Use our friendship day sms, quotes and greetings for free. Just pick the one you like and send it across to your friends via mobiles or e.mail.

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Love can make you cry,
But friendship believes in smiles,
Love can ditch
But friendship can reach to
a beautiful never ending relation!
Happy Friendship Day to all my Friends!
Finally it s a day when I take a chance
to thank you for being with me,
for understanding me,
for caring me,
for trusting me and gifting me the best friend!
Happy Friendship Day!
Sweet memories of childhood
remain for ever in heart
and never they die.
True friends stay together
and never say goodbye!
Happy Friendship Day to my Dearest friend!
True friends are tough to find,
hard to part with
and impossible to forget
even when apart
Happy Friendship Day!
Its a day to celebrate
the relation which is
beyond time, beyond words
and beyond any conditions!
Lets celebrate friendship together!
Lovely Friendship Day greetings to all my dear friends!
A line has two ends,
triangle has three
a square has four ends
and star has five
But friendship is a circle
without any end.
Beautiful friendship day wishes!
Sometimes I just wonder
looking at my Palm,
which cute crisscross
made me so lucky to have
a beautiful, sweet and true friend like you.
Happy Friendship Day!
True friends will laugh with you
even when you are laughing
at their cost!
Lovely friendship wishes
to all my near and dear friends!
Friendship is a great relation
with cute little things like
love and care,
fights and patch ups,
smiles and tears.
Happy Friendship Day!
Don’t try to define friendship
don’t try to find its meaning,
its just a feeling and a gesture
of bringing someone up
without caring of your own place.
Happy celebrations of Friendship Day!

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Never miss an opportunity to renew and revive the bonds of relations! Celebrate the beautiful and most precious relation of friendship with our collections of amazing Friendship Day SMS and Wishes. The messages for Friendship day here will make your friends smile a lot on this beautiful day. Never be too busy that you don’t have time to send these beautiful friendship day greetings to your friends and colleagues. Wish you all a great Happy Friendship Day!