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First of all Happy Independence Day to all. For two hundred years, India was under British rule until it won its freedom on August 15 1947. Today, India is a sovereign nation standing tall and proud, and this coming Thursday the country will once again rejoiced to celebrate its independence day. If you are an Indian or just someone looking for cool independence day images, independence day image, happy independence day images, independence day wallpaper, independence day photos, images of independence day, independence day images india, independence day images download independence day images, independence day images HD, independence day wallpapers independence day wallappers HD or just interested in history then, you are in the right page.
Independence Day History Mahatma Gandhi Father of Nation In 1947, after two hundred years, Britain finally accepted the fact that they no longer control India as the clamor for independence after World War II becomes even more serious and bloody. In fact, India’s liberty did not come without a price because of the upsurge a lot of lives were loss as freedom fighters forces the British government for independence. Anyway, let me share a bit of India’s history, so you can understand how the British came into power. India came under the British Crown rule just after the great rebellion of 1857, but before that, the British East India Company dominated the kingdom. You see, during the 17th century, European traders established outpost to trade with the local, but then the British East India decide to establish themselves as the dominant, force and their overwhelming military strength subdued the local kingdoms. The British company rules the local kingdoms up to the 18th century, then the great rebellion occur that in order to bring peace to the country the British government step in. That’s right, in order to stop the mounting violence and tension, the British Crown assumes control over all India with the support of international countries and locals. Once they assume control, a civic society formed gradually, the most notable was the creation of Indian National Congress. In January 26, 1929, Congress declared the first independence.
They called on the people to pledge to civil disobedience and follow the instruction to gain complete independence from British rule. So, India recognized two Independence Day, January 26, and August 15. During the 1930s, there were major reforms, political turmoil, and upsurge of Muslim calling for independence. After World War II, the Indian National Congress push for independence and upsurge led by the All India Muslim League escalated the tension that before the full independence achieved there was bloodshed that even resulted in the partition of the continent. The escalating tension in the last decade between Muslims and Hindus resulted in the bloody partition of the continent, an event that tempered the triumph of 1947 Independence Day. The continent divided into two, Indian and Pakistan, a separate state for Muslims with Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the first Governor General. In India, Pandit Jawaharuial Nehru was sworn in as the independent country prime minister on the midnight of August 15, 1947.

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