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Happy Independence Day 2017:

On this Auspicious, precious and the inspirational and the National Day which gives us the many abilities, changes in the society with the freedom of Thought, Action, Faith and Speech. The day that was not gifted to us rather it was taken by huge sacrifices. The day with endless definitions. Here on this year we are going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Independence Day & 15 August. For Happy Independence Day 2017 Wishes. proceed below.

Our country India got independence from rule of Britishers. We refused to accept slavery and fought strong enough to have a reformation and not to follow the terms of rulers. A new nation dedicated to all country men and women where all are created equal living according to desire. With the celebrations of this day, we all get patriotic feeling to serve our country with obedience and it increases day by day.

We all love our country and it is our motherland. The day represents how our country India is a great sign of unity and all the religion live together. Our brothers and sisters devoted their present for our future. Online media broadcast many articles and programs to promote the day. Everyone shows their tribute to the leaders and those who fought for India’s freedom in past, go to cultural programs where many participants perform of various schools and organizations. People sing and listen to patriotic songs.

Happy Independence Day 2017 Celebrations & Activities

The support of kite flying symbolizes Independence Day. On this day our country’s Prime Minister unfurls the National Flag at The Red Fort and The President delivers the “Address to the Nation” on the eve of Independence Day. The foreign investors and dignitaries also participate in the celebrations. A guard of honor is given by local police and armed forces personnel. A salute of 21 guns is fired. The Prime Minister delivers a speech. The military band plays the national anthem. The day has gifted us the fragrance of free air.

On this day, we celebrate our freedom. We are a free country. We have the fundamentals right guaranteed by our constitution. We have the voting rights. We have the rights to choose our government. This day is close to heart of every patriotic heart. One cannot imagine the plight of the mothers who lost their son in the battle to gain freedom for our country. But it is a matter of regret that we have forgotten the spirit of this glorious day and forget the importance of day soon after the evening.

We are more concerned to individual freedom rather than to the national independence. We should never look for what our country can do for us rather we should find what we can do for your country. All the way long our actions have shown our attitude in words as follow: “If you will ask for friendship then we will be best. If you think about Kashmir, then you will be hell” JAI HIND.
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