Super Hit Ideas of Gifts To Wow Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan 2022

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For the bookworm sister: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes loaded with upgrades, such as a faster processor, a higher contrast display, tons of software enhancements, and improved touch technology, as compared to its predecessor. The Paperwhite makes the perfect gift if your sister is a bookworm and loves to read. It boasts a 6 inch, 1,024x768 resolution E-ink screen that offers improved contrast, making print appear darker and more readable than before. The device weighs just 222 gm and measures 169x117x9.1 mm, making the Paperwhite easy for your sister to carry around in her handbag.
For the make-up buff sister: Airbase home use kit
Every girl loves make-up and the Airbase home use kit is the king of make-up trends. This kit is great for using at home and recreating the flawless airbrushed make-up finish. When you buy the kit, you get a home-use airbrush and compressor, an Airbase foundation, a cleansing mitt, blush or bronze, thinner and airbrush cleaner, a tips sheet, and a shading pad. This makes the perfect gift for your sister if she is a make-up enthusiast.

For the fitness freak sister: Nike+ FuelBand
If your sister is a fitness freak, she is bound to love the Nike+ FuelBand. This incredibly popular accelerometer is able to track a person's activities and daily movements, and can also tell time. No matter what sort of activity the wearer is performing, the FuelBand is able to connect wirelessly to the iPod Touch or the iPhone. 
For the selfie-fanatic sister: Samsung Galaxy Camera
The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a cross between a compact camera and a smartphone, and makes the perfect gift if your sister is a shutter happy person. With its superior picture quality, the Galaxy Cam is a fantastic camera and also offers the added connectivity options of a smartphone. It means she can download her favorite applications on it, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Dropbox, so that she can share the images on the go.

For the jet-setting sister: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote 
If you have a sister whose travelling bags have some serious scuff marks on them, she is sure to love the Jet Set Travel Tote by Michael Kors. This luxurious bag has been made from hand-crafted saffiano leather and while it may look like a fancy bag, it has many more uses. Here, she can keep her slim devices (such as her MacBook) damage-free, thanks to the special padded and zippered compartment. Other inner sections make it easy to store all essentials. The bag also comes with a dedicated pocket for tablets and smartphones.

For the music-on-the-go sister: Monster Diamond Tears Edge headphones
If your sister is a music buff and loves listening to music on her portable device while she is travelling, the Monster Diamond Tears Edge headphones will make the perfect gift. But these are flashy - so consider yourself warned. If your sister has a more understated style statement, you may want to reconsider these diamond-shaped cans. But then, the rich audio experience in terms of high-def sound and the contemporary design may well change her mind. Its ControlTalk functionality also offers easy access to compatible smartphones.

For the DIY-loving sister: DIY bubble bath
If you want to make something extra special for your sister, how about a do-it-yourself bubble bath, so that she can soak in it after a tiring day? The fact that you have gone through all the trouble to make it yourself will definitely add to your brotherly love quotient. You will need:

· 1 cup unscented dish soap
· 2/3 cup liquid vegetable glycerine
· 1/4 cup water
· 3-4 drops essential oil of your choice
Mix all the ingredients in an ornate dispenser, wrap it up, and you are done.

For the sister with a sweet tooth: Box of custom-made chocolates
For the sister who has an incurable sweet tooth, is there anything better than a box of custom-made chocolates? You can get an assortment of amazing flavors to suit every palate.

For the fashionista sister: Online shopping coupons
Most women love make-up and you can't go wrong with the shopping either. Why not gift your sister a shopathon experience on portals like,,,,, and more?

For the gamer sister: Alienware 14
Okay, gamer sisters are few and far between, but there's the odd chance that you have one. In such a case, the stylish and sleek Alienware 14 laptop will be the perfect gift. The 14 inch version of the Alienware is a more compact and manageable option. Don't let its small size fool you, though. It is known to be quite a speed demon. Underneath the hood, it has an Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU. Playing any high-end game will be a walk in the park with this laptop.
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