26 January Australia Day 2023

News :- 26 January Australia Day 2023, whilst it falls on the commemoration of the day the first armada arrived in Australia, is not a day where we circled the field droning about how awesome it is that we "attacked" this nation and assumed control it. It is a day where we commend the sheer splendor of being Australian; we live in a nation that is generally untouched by the wars that appear to always torment the center east; we live in a nation that is, as such, moderately untouched by terrorism to the degree that the USA has been; we live in a nation with free medicinal services and instruction; we live in this wonderful, pleasant, multicultural society and Australia Day, to everybody I know, is about praising the way that we basically are so honored to be living right here in the fortunate nation - that, my companions, is something that can be praised by all Australians, paying little respect to their social foundation.

I wonder when it is that the aboriginal people will cease blaming the British colonies who landed here over 200 years ago for all of their issues of today.  There are some wonderful, strong, intelligent Aboriginals in the community I live in; but the majority of them are alcoholics, drug addicts and domestic abusers living off the welfare system and the fact they are just that is apparently the fault of some people who landed here in 1788.  Take a bit of responsibility for your own lives, people, we're sick of the "poor me" card that you continue to play.

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