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Australia Day Recipes 2016 Here are our main 10 Australian dishes for You

Australia Day keeps running over a long weekend this year, and what preferred approach to celebrate over to eat loads of tasty nourishments which honor everything that is extraordinary about being Australian! Here are our main 10 dishes for you to experiment with: 1.   Vegemite Bites   Vegemite - you either love it or you hate it. As this spread is, without doubt, the most Australian food there is, these cheesy vegemite bites are perfect to serve as canapes.   Foodi Fact:   Over 22 million jars of Vegemite are sold every year Vegemite Bites 2.   BBQ Garlic Prawns   Is there anything greater than prawns bursting with zest, hot off the barbie? These can be served as either a starter, or on a serving platter.   BBQ Garlic Prawns 3.   Aussie Lamington Muffins   There's no cake more Australian than the lamington!   Foodi Fact:   This cake was named after Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.   Lamington Muffins 4.   Home-made Hambu

Happy Australia Day to you Australia's National Day Celebrated on 26th January 2023

Happy Australia Day to you, Patricia! Singing at the citizenship ceremony was a wonderful way to start your day! Australia Day, otherwise called "Intrusion Day" and "Survival Day". Here's a fundamental FAQ - from an outcast's point of view - on why it's questionable and why it ought to be moved. What is Australia Day?  It's Australia's national day, celebrated on 26th January, denoting the date the British cruised into Sydney Cove in 1788 and guaranteed New South Wales for Britain. What happens on Australia Day? Parades, firecrackers, municipal recompenses, celebrations, grills, and LOTS of banners. Youngsters spruce up in Australian banners, curiosity caps and glasses, impermanent tattoos and thongs (flip lemon), and frequently get tipsy in the city. A minority of racists use it as a reason to impel scorn and brutality. What's "Attack Day"? On the other hand "Survival Day"? Clearly, Indigenous Australian