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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dhanateras Par Na Khareeden Ye Saamaan, Ho Sakata Hai Bhaaree Nukasaan, Yah Khareedadaaree Karane Ka Muhoort Hai

November 04, 2018
Dhanateras Par Na Khareeden Ye Saamaan, Ho Sakata Hai Bhaaree Nukasaan, Yah Khareedadaaree Karane Ka Muhoort Hai

धनतेरस पर ना खरीदें ये सामान, हो सकता है नुकसान, यह है धनतेरस पर खरीददारी करने का मुहूर्त

Diwali Kee Dhool Dhanateras se hee shuroo ho jaata hai aur yah din khareedadaaree karane ke lie saal ka sabase shubh din maan jaata hai. logon ka kahana hai ki is din khareedadaaree karane ka bhee shubh muhoort hota hai. kaha jaata hai ki shubh muhoort kerds kisee any samay par khareedadaaree karane ka sahee laabh nahin mila saath hee yah bhee hai ki kya khareedana chel aur kya khareed se bachana chahie.

Dhanateras ke Avasaron par sone-chaandee ke gahane aur bartan aadi khareed kee samasya hai. sone-chaandee ko sthir lakshmee kaha gaya hai. dhanateras par khareedadaaree karane ka sabase sahee samay ya muhoort shaam 4 se 7.21 baje tak hai. jabaki shaam 3 baje se 4.30 ke beech ka samay khareedadaaree ke lie abaut kiya gaya hai. kuchh vidvaanon ka maanana ​​hai saara din hee mangalasoochak hota hai, kabhee bhee khareedaaree kee ja rahee hai.

धनतेरस पर इन वस्तुओं को खरीदने से बचें-

Beshak Dhanateras ko khareedaaree karane ke lie shubh maanate hain isake baavajood kuchh cheejen hain is din na khareed to behatar hai. jaise kaale rang kee cheej khareed se is din parahej karen to behatar hoga.

Is Din Kaanch kee koee vastu nahin khareedana chaahie. kaha jaata hai ki dharmagranthon mein kaanch ko raahu se joda gaya hai aur raahu anasakar grah hai. kaanch ke saath hee elyoominiyam ko bhee raahu kee dhaatu ko joda gaya hai. isalie dhanateras par elyoominiyam ka bartan bhee na khareed. isase bhee jeevan mein nakaaraatmakata aatee hai.

Is Din teekhee aur nukeelee cheej nahin khareedana chaahie. chaakoo aur lohe se banee objekts ghar laana ababh hai. saath hee is din joota, chappal bhee na khareed.

धनतेरस खरीदें ये सामान - 

Dhanateras ke Din Dhan Kee devee lakshmee kee pooja-aaraadhana hota hai. is din devee ko prasann karane ke lie nae kapadon aur gahanon kee khareedaaree karana ati uttaraadhikaaree maana jaata hai. kuchh jagahon par saat anaaj se devee kee pooja hotee hai, isalie is din gehoon, chana, jau, udad, moong, masoor jaise anaaj bhee khareedana shubh hota hai. deevaalee ke din pooja ke lie rakhe jaane vaale ganesh lakshmee kee moortidaar bhee din khareed ho sakata hai.

is din chaandee, sona aur heera khareedana bahut shubh hai. sona khareedana chaahate hain ki sone ke bilkit le lo. chaandee ka sikka khareed se vaibhav aata hai. steel ke bartan khareeden aur ghar laate samay dhyaan rakhen ki inhen poorvee disha mein hee rahen. dhanateras par log jhaadoo bhee khareedate hain. maan jaata hai ki yah jhaadoo ghar se daridrata ko door kar deta hai.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Diwali Gift Ideas 2018

November 02, 2018
Diwali Gift Ideas 2018

Diwali Gift Ideas

Here are Some Awesome Deepawali | Diwali Gift Ideas to have your preperation easier. We Give you together Diwali Gift Ideas For your Friends and Family Includes one of your Wife , Childrens as well as husband and any others. And Here you will also got a companies of some corporate Diwali gift ideas and suggestions as well.

Online Trending

Now a day peoples are become a lazy so here are the option for you to send a gift Online. for india there are many websites which delivere a Diwali Gift for free. Like:- For India You can also send a diwali gift out of India for sending a diwali gift go to this link AMAZON.COM

Diwali Gifts for Women | Girlfriend | Wife | Girls:-

This section is for our beautiful women and loving wives | Wifes | Girls | Girlfriends | Woman Most women enjoy feeding their round bellies or being fed with sweets by their husbands Or Boyfriends – so we can think of their favorite sweets and foods. we should consider gifts that resemble their beauty, tenderness and elegance Does she have any hobbies or is she reading any books? About what? If she is reading about pregnancy you better hurry up now! But if your wife is more into cooking, cleaning and washing however, think of ways to make her life easier. Here are a few suggestions Given below:
  • Table runners
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Mixer grinder
  • Microwave oven
  • Cooking set
  • Pots & Pans
  • Flower pots
  • Another child
  • Kaju Katli
  • Favorite sweets
  • Crockery or glassware items
  • Dinner/Coffee/Tea sets
  • Stylish cutlery
  • Wall clock
  • Chocolate
  • Swimming pool
  • Ornamental or Decorative Items
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Lingerie
  • Handy crafts
  • Shoe shop voucher
  • Flower vases
  • Chandeliers
  • Lamps
  • Golden Necklace
  • Sari/Kurti/Shawls/Stoles
  • Wall hangings
  • Male stripper
  • Hanging bells
  • Silver idols of deities
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Toilet bowl (Western style for comfortable business)
Girls are also like a chocolate so much so chocolate are also a best for diwali gift ideas for woman.

Diwali Gifts for Childrens

Think that what would Diwali be Without our loving childrens ( DO YOU THINK…??) Always obedient, hard-working at school, diligent And Very Helpful SO our children Really deserve just the best of the best Diwali Gift from us. Here are some suggested items below Let’s give something back and make it an unforgettable Diwali for them!
unique diwali gift ideas
  • Baby Dolls
  • Nappies
  • Bicycle
  • Tricycle
  • Laptop
  • Purse
  • MP3 player
  • Radio
  • Torch
  • Model railway
  • Trampoline
  • Chocolate cake
  • Plastic Playhouse
  • Favorite Cigarettes
  • Educational books
  • Kids Telescope
  • Marker pen set
  • BMW car
  • Dollhouse
  • Paintbox
  • Cellphone
  • Garden slide
  • Inline skates
  • Love
  • Computer
  • Baby goat
  • Remote controlled toys (RC cars/boats/helicopter)
That’s all so this is the diwali gift ideas for choldren.

Diwali Gifts for Men | Husband | Boyfriend

For one of our most Powerful and Strong, Smart & Handsome hardworking men and husbands and Boyfriend the best presents are those that actually serve a certain purpose or meet their genuine interests or dreams so what are the hobby | Hobbies Of your Husband Boyfriend men. Is he good with his hands and a technically skilled person? Here are some suggested items
  • PDA / Blackberry
  • LCD TV
  • Puja Thali (silver)
  • Kaju Kalash
  • Mithai
  • Golden bracelet
  • Underground escape bunker (single key)
  • Wine glasses, bar tool set, cocktail shakers
  • Scotch Whiskey
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Digital camera
  • Video camera/Handy cam
  • Mobile phone
  • Sports car
  • Electric shaver (rechargeable)
  • Drilling machine
  • Inline skates
  • Nappies
  • Bicycle
  • Tricycle
  • Briefcase
  • Time Pieces/Watches
  • Pen Holders
  • CD/DVD player
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad
  • Laptop
  • Satellite Dish/Receiver
  • Diwali Gift Hamper
  • Pretty Belly Dancer
  • Yacht
  • Leather Wallet
  • Airline ticket to Hawaii

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas

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Corporate Diwali Gifts Idea 2018

November 02, 2018
Corporate Diwali Gifts Idea 2018
This Diwali, send your gratitude towards your work force with corporate Diwali gifts. Your Diwali gifts for employees are your investment, on which you gain returns in the next 364 days as well as 365 Days. Employees are the first customers for any corporate house doing business in this world. Hence, this valuable human resource needs to be taken care of in festive season. Apart from your employees, don’t forget your clients, partners, associates and stake holders. Here are some Awesome and cool Diwali corporate gift ideas for you; choose your Diwali corporate gifts for clients, employees & customers now.

Shop for Corporate Diwali Gifts Online

Now a day Every person want to done their work without going anywhere. so you can shop online at your home. and Corporate Diwali gifts can also be presented online Through Placing a Order Online. Corporate gifts can be given to your employees because it is truly due to the efforts of the employees that the company sees progress. Diwali is the day of the year when you let go of all inhibitions and revel in the feeling of oneness. In this case, Diwali gifts can be directly shipped or delivered to the reciever address.
Sites for Corporate Diwali Gifts online FLIPKART


A Whole Range of Corporate Diwali Gifts With Online

Electronic gadgets like iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones and cameras are also useful items that make excellent corporate Diwali gifts That are also available in many range or in your budget.

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  • Diwali Corporate Gifts idea
  • Diwali Corporate 2018 Gifts ideas

Best Diwali Cards Designs 2018

November 02, 2018
Best Diwali Cards Designs 2018
So the Diwali fever is on and everyone is looking for some hot stuff about the much - awaited festival of India. So we brought some best Diwali Cards collection for you so that you can take the time out to wish with the top Diwali Cards Designs to your near and dear ones as we are giving you the best Diwali Cards designs so that you can have a look at them and wish your family and friends. Not only this in terms you are looking for the great Diwali Cards ideas then we are also giving you those sort of ideas and event the best Diwali Cards ideas for kids'.

And apart from that we are providing you the Diwali Cards imagesDiwali Cards making and Diwali Cards handmade and all of these mentioned stuff for free. Here we are giving you everything for free all you need to do is to click on the image so that it may open up in full HD size and then get it downloaded or saved on your device.

Diwali Cards designs -

Diwali Cards making -

Diwali Cards handmade -

So this is all we have for you about Diwali Cardshope you like them all and also the other related things that we provide you in this whole article. Once again I want to tell you in order to get the full size and HD images click on the images and then save or download them.

Are you looking for Fresh Diwali Greetings Messages English 2018

November 02, 2018
Are you looking for Fresh Diwali Greetings Messages English 2018

Are you looking for Diwali Greetings Messages English over the search engines or internet, If you are looking for it then here we are making your day a great one as we are giving you the desired results with some other things like Diwali 2018 Greetings Messages English, Corporate Diwali Greetings Messages English and Diwali Greeting cards Messages English. 

And this is the only place where you will get the desired results and apart from that we also give you some other things to make this Diwali a best one. 

Apart from this, we are also giving you the Diwali Greetings SMS Messages in English that will make you feel great and will make your day with such great results when it comes to search something for the best and much – awaited festival of India. I hope you are satisfied with the results of your search. Just enjoy the best Diwali Greeting Messages English over here.

Rejoice On This Blessed Occasion By Spreading Joy With Your Friends And Loved Ones.
Let This Diwali Burn All Your Bad Times And Enter You In Good Times. Happy Deepavali

On This Diwali, I Am Sending You A Diya Of My Love, I Hope You Will Keep It Lighted Forever
Let Me Make Your Diwali More Colorful With The Lights Of Wishes Of My Heart. Happy Diwali

Sun Glows For A Day
Candle For An Hour
Matchstick For A Minute
But A Wish Glows Forever
Here Is My Wish For A Glowing Diwali And Glowing Life
Happy Diwali

Fortunate Is The One Who Has Learned To Admire, But Not To Envy
Good Wishes For A Joyous Diwali And A Happy New Year With A Plenty Of Peace And Prosperity

Paying Respects To The Gods
And Decorating For Them The Thali
This Is What The Occasion Is All About
This Is The Spirit Of Deepavali

Corporate Diwali Greetings Messages English -

Three People Were Asking For Your Mobile No. We Didn't Provide Your Any. However, We Provided Them Your House Address. They Are Coming This Diwali. They Are SUKH, SHANTI, And SAMRIDDHI. Please Welcome Them As We Have Requested Them To Stick With You Permanently. PLEASED DIWALI 2018

Difficulties As Light As Air, Love As Deep As The Ocean, Pals As Strong As Diamonds, Success As Intense As Gold. These Are The Want You And Your Household On The Eve Of Diwali. Happy Diwali

Let’s Celebrate The Auspicious Day Of Diwali With Fun And Frolic
May This Bright Day Bring Bountiful Bliss And Joy In Your Life
Here’s Sending Wishes To You On This Diwali.

May Thousands Of Lamps Light Up Your Life
With Endless Happiness, Richness, Health & Wealth Forever
Wishing You And Your Family A Very

The Gorgeous Festival Of Snacks And Sweets
Everyone Enjoying A Royal Feast
When Old And Young With Delight Meet
And With Love And Affection Do All Hearts Beat.
Diwali Is Here—The Gracious Festival
Celebrating Victory, Of Myth And Mystery
The Festival That Signals Triumph Over Tragedy.
May It Best Of All With Love And Happiness!

A Festival Full Of Sweet Childhood Memories
Sky Full Of Fireworks
Mouth Full Of Sweets
House Full Of Diyas And Heart Full Of Joy
Wishing You All A Very Happy Diwali

It's The Day To Light The Diyas
Ignite The Rockets And Burst Crackers
But It's Also The Time To Be Safe
From The Fireworks And All The Sparklers
It's The Season To Pay A Visit
To All Our Friends And Relations
To Hand Them Over Sweets And Presents
Diwali Is Our Splendid Chance
May These Rich Blessings Be Your Due
A Wealth Of Friendships
Old And New
Some Service Rendered
Some Solace Given
And Gentle Peace With God And Heaven

A True And Caring Relation Doesn't Have To Speak Loud
A Soft Sms Is Just Enough To Express The Heartiest Feelings
Enjoy The Festival Of Diwali With Lots Of Fun

This Is To Formally Announce That I Have Started Accepting Diwali Gifts By Cash, Cheques & Credit Card Etc. Avoid Last Day Rush. Send Now Happy Deepawali

I Went To The Shops To Buy A Gift For You On Diwali. I Found Many Things But The Most Precious Thing Was Not There In Any Store. Because It’s In My Heart For You In The Form Of Prayers And Lots Of Lots Of Wishes For You. May This Deepavali Brings Your More Happiness, Prosperity And Luck For You.

Diwali Night Is Full Of Lights,Crackers May Your Life Be Filled With Colors And Lights Of Happiness. Happy Diwali To All Of My Friends

This Diwali I Wish That Your All Dreams Come True. And May God Fill All Colors In Your Life. And Make Your Diwali The Most Rememberable Deepawali. Happy Diwali

May The Divine Light Of Diwali Spread Into Your Life Peace
Prosperity, Happiness And Good Health
Happy Diwali

So the Diwali fever is on a high and you are looking for various different things over the internet. This is all we have for you about the Diwali Greetings Messages English, I hope you enjoyed them all and wish your friends, family, near and dear ones with them. Also if you want to look out for some more just search over the site and you will not be disappointed as we provide almost everything regarding Diwali.

Best Happy Diwali HD Widescreen Wallpaper Collections 2018

November 02, 2018
Best Happy Diwali HD Widescreen Wallpaper Collections 2018
Are you looking for the best Happy Diwali Wallpaper collections, if your answer is yes, then you are going to give the credit to yourself that you finally find the right place for your search that is Happy Diwali Images 2018. Here we are giving you the top collection of Happy Diwali Wallpaper HD Widescreen, Happy Diwali Wallpaper Photos, Happy Diwali Wallpaper HD and Happy Diwali Wallpaper 2018.

And if you are not satisfied with this only then we are also having something more for you. Apart from your search results we also provide you the related search collection. And in that, we are going to give you the top Happy Diwali Wallpaper Download, Happy Diwali Animated Wallpaper, Happy Diwali Wallpaper in Marathi and Happy Diwali Wallpaper for Facebook.

All you need is to click on the image to get it in the original HD size and then save or download it.

Happy Diwali Wallpaper HD Widescreen  -

Happy Diwali Wallpaper Photos -

Happy Diwali Wallpaper HD -

Happy Diwali Wallpaper 2018 -

Happy Diwali Wallpaper Download -

Happy Diwali Animated Wallpaper  -

Happy Diwali Wallpaper in Marathi -

Happy Diwali Wallpaper for Facebook -

Please, click on the images in order to get them displayed in the original HD and full size and then save or download them on your devices. So, this is all we have for you regarding the Happy Diwali Wallpaper. I hope you like the collection and for more please search our website Happy Diwali Images 2018 via the search bar present on the top right of the sidebar.

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